Drying Your Pet Fast, With Or With Out a Hair Dryer

You just bathed your pet, and your pet smells nice and clean, but your pet is now soaked and dripping wet. Your pet needs to be dried off before you let him/her go running all over the house, rubbing their face and body all over the floor, furniture, or anything else that maybe handy and in sight. You decide that the fastest and easiest way to dry off your pet is with a hair dryer, but the moment you turn it on your pet goes nuts. Your pet hates the sound of that hair dryer, and therefore won’t stand still making hard to dry them off.

The fact that your pet hates the blow dryer is very understandable. A lot of pets act up at the sound of the electric motor a hair dryer makes, and the fact that it’s blowing warm to hot air on him/her doesn’t help the situation.

When drying your pet you should understand 3 things (that are all interconnected) about how fast things dry Best Dog Hair Dryer.

(Relative) Humidity – This is the amount of moisture in the air, usually in the value of a percentage. The higher the percentage means more moisture is in the air and you pet will take longer to dry. Vice versa for lower percentages. (Keep in mind that if you are drying your pet in an enclosed room, that the drying process will most likely increase the humidity percentage, because when something dries it is turning the water into a gas, through the process of evaporation, creating more humidity)

Temperature – The air temperature plays a big factor in the amount of time it takes for a pet to dry after bathing. The higher the air temperature the faster your pet will dry. The lower the air temperature the slower your pet will dry.

Air Movement – The more air movement around your pet the faster your pet will dry also. No air movement will increase the drying time needed.

Most pet owners use hair dryers, because they produce heat and air movement, but they also produce humidity, because the heat and air movement from the hair dryer is rapidly evaporating the water from your pets’ hair. If you truly feel that a hair drier is the best way to dry off your pet, I would suggest that you use a fan that is sucking the increased humidity out of the drying area; this will help reduce the drying time needed.

I would also use a pet shampoo with conditioner or use a pet conditioner after using shampoo. The conditioner fills in cracks and crevices on your pets’ hair, making your your pets’ hair smoother, which also decreases the amount of time needed for drying.

Pet hair that is coarse will collect water in puddles, taking longer to become dry.

There are quick dry products available such as Quick-Dry from Davis Manufacturing & Packaging Inc.. That basically separates water into smaller beads allowing for faster and easier water removal. Another product is speed dry and is meant to be used with other shampoos, but not conditioners.

Before using the hair dryer it’s important to get as much water off as possible through physical extraction, meaning use a towel and wipe, and scrub your pet with it.